Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Work Relationships and Why I don't like it

Work RelationShips

Since 2013 I joined the working world, my first job was at a newspaper as journalist, I was very happy there, journalism is my thing but I found out something about me: I'm against work relationships.

But why?

Well, in that job there was a designer that I felt he was like trying to flirt with me and I felt scared, uncomfortable, I didn't like the feeling,  rather than flattered I was worried.

The reason for my feeling is that I loved my job and after I realized his intentions I went to the office everyday feeling uncomfortable and that is not cool.

Like it or not, work is where we spent most hours of the day, you see your co workers more than your family, they are your second family, that's the reason why you have to have good coexistence, maybe not friendship but a relationship of respect and tolerance.

In my current job it happened again, but I was able to stop it before it went any further. He flattered me a lot, I think there is a certain amount of compliments that do not pass the limit of normal, so I told him a little white lie:
When he told me I looked pretty, like anime, I said: "hahahaha, thanks, my boyfriend (I don't have :( ) and my friends say it a lot".

Holy remedy, he never said to me things that may seem inappropiate. 

I do respect those who  have even found the love of their life at 3 desks away, but for me it does not work and I think it won't.

Share with me your love story if you fell in love with your co worker or your boss! Maybe I will change my mind.


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  1. Eerrrr.. " I said: hahahaha, thanks, my boyfriend (I don't have :( ) and my friends say it a lot." ... What?

    And here: "Holy remedy, he never said to me thinks that may seem inappropiate." I guess you meant, things, not thinks.

    1. Thanks!

      And that was all a lie I told him :D

  2. I agree with you about work relationships. I don't think they work. I've had some friends who tried it and it always turned out pretty bad. I've had a coworker try to pursue me while I had a boyfriend AND when I was engaged. It's best not to entertain it. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Exactly!! It's a lot of drama to handle !

      Thanks for passing by! <3


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