Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays! At the office

Hello guys!

I have a problem: At my office no one has the Christmas' spirit and that annoys me a lot.

I spent the whole month thinking in a way to make them happy about this holiday season and decided to share with you because I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world with this problem hahaha

Let's do it!

1.- Decorating your workspace

This is a basic step, you can ask a little quietly but loudly: "What about a Christmas tree?" 

I tried this and it worked perfectly! All of my coworkers were asking about when will we are going to decorate it and giving ideas. Unfortunately the accounting guy said there is no money for that hahahaha so we had to cooperate and we bought a little Christmas tree with little globes. It's cute anyway! You can see it below.

christmas tree office

2.- Make a letter to Santa Claus even if we are not children

This was a difficult one to implement at the office, but its worth trying.

I gave an idea: "What will you ask for Christmas?" referring to Santa Claus. After some jokes one by one started to talk about their wishes.

Some of them were:

M: I will ask for a bicycle so I can ride with my son and my wife. 

R: I want a new truck, because my whole family doesn't fit in this one. (his truck)

G: I want to live somewhere else, a place where all the stuff that my kids asked, are.

Me: I want to move out to another city where I can work on my area, where I can easily achieve my goals.

3.- Tell funny stories of your family on Christmas

This idea is so funny and fun, a lot of laughs that day.

The only thing you have to do is: Share an story.

I will share mine with you:

Three years ago I was helping my grandmother with Christmas dinner, she was cooking turkey, I helped her filling it, but I did something wrong, my hand got stuck..! Yes!! I was laughing a lot, my grandma did, my mom did, everyone was laughing about my hand! I hope you can imagine me carrying around a turkey where my hand was suppose to be! :( I thought I will have to live with this, but my grandma poured a lot of oil in my arm and my hand was free! I have to say this, the turkey was delicious.

This action starts a chain where everyone share their stories, it gives you a joyful moment. 

3.- Gifts exchange

We all love gifts!

I guess I don't have to explain this point, because it's pretty obvious, as I'm writing this post I'm preparing the gifts I'm going to give, here is a picture:

Yeah.. I'm not that creative hahah but I'm trying!!.

I hope this will help you if you share the same problem as me.

Happy holidays!


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