Wednesday, December 24, 2014

As a Fan Girl.. Thanks for making me feel special.

Hello guys!

I have some thoughts I want to share with you.

As a Fan Girl... Thanks for making me feel special. This is my story *insert here law and order music*

I'm a fan of few artists or shows, I don't get "wowed" very often, but when I do and that artist answers one of my comments I can't even handle myself hahahaha I feel so special, like thanks for accepting my existence in your life. 

I don't have a connection with anyone super famous, but I do have one with someone super famous for me and I know he will be the next rockstar. He is Tyler Dean.

He is from Texas, USA, and he is divine when plays guitar. One day I was looking for a cover for Ain't it fun . Guns n' Roses on Youtube but the only videos I founded were the intro cover, I wanted the whole song and Tyler did it, he did a guitar cover of the whole song, I remember I commented how amazing he played and he replied it!!!! The feeling was so amazing!! For me was like a celebrity said Hi to me. So huge feeling.

So I kept commenting and he replying, was great, we shared some messages and one day he asked me about my facebook page, guys... this was SO INCREDIBLE AMAZING!! Literally I started jumping on my bed like a kid hahahahaha

That was 2 years ago and I still have a good friendship with him, Tyler is so adorable I would marry him haha no joking! I still don't know him in person, but I still have hope that it will happen one day. 

I will leave his youtube link below, you have to hear him play! It's magical.

Youtube: Don't forget to subscribe!

Share with me your story in the comments :D


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