Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#HalloWeek : What happened last weekend?!

Woaw! It's already November 11 and I will just end my #HalloWeek hahaha I'm super sorry guys :'( time isn't my friend at all.

Two of my favorites holidays are Halloween and Dead's Day (because I'm from Mexico). I want to share what I did this two days (like two weeks later... I'm sorry!).


Sadly this year I had to work the next day so I did not want to sleep late and even worse I did not find a costume that meets my picky tastes and budget (Despite the fact the post of Hurry Up Costumes). That day I was at home resting and watching series on Netflix. I remember that I went to the store and saw many children asking for candy, I remind you that I live in Mexico and usually do not have that habit of taking children or giving candy.

But ...! I went crazy party on Saturday, November 1, no disguise myself but I went to a costume party in a nightclub in my city, really a lot of fun to me, the place filled to capacity, I went with my two best friends in the world @eriqaenriqez y @wings_x

Halloween Party
Full, we had to climb

Halloween Party
Alaín, me and Erika

There was a costume contest, there were some very good and some not, the truth was... the jury was disgusting, they chose to nothing to do costumes, there was a type of jellyfish dress, very clever and didn't get a prize, only the first two places deserved them. There was a guy with a head of a character and he was doing a lot of mess in the place, was the most applauded and funny but is supposed to be "serious" so he did not win anything.

Halloween Party
As you can see... what a show!
My feet hurt, I didn't feel my legs because I danced the hell out of me, but totally worth it!

Dead's Day

November 2, the day when our dead family comes back to eat and drink their favorite food, it's like a visit, but you have to do an altar, with candles, food, drinks, flowers, clothes, etc. etc.

Dead's Day Mexico
Little light for her, so she can't get lost in her way home

We started to do this altar last year because of my grandma's death on March 2013, it was very painful her goodbye, I still remember everything, I won't forget her, so, now we celebrate her visit.

The altar it's suppose to be ready at 6pm on November 1, I took a picture of it:

Dead's Day Mexico
The fun part is when you get to eat it all!
The next day, November 2, the real Dead's Day, you go to cemeteries to visit them, you bring flowers, some families even take music, because it's a happy day, it's a party for them, you remember them, you talk about them and say goodbye ... for today, because when a loved one dies, you always remember, they are always present in your thoughts.

Dead's Day Mexico flowers
My grandma's grave

Dead's Day Mexico
Where we visit her

Dedicated to her.


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