Saturday, August 30, 2014

Am I the only one feeling the chills?

The other day August 25 , I was looking my homepage and I found that Paramore was super amazing in Reading Festival this year. 

When I was younger I was a super Paramore Fan! I was all crazy about them, but time passed and I was looking to another bands and stuff, but of course, I've always liked them. 

Sooooo.. I went to YouTube and looked for the live show, I found it, I watched it and it was more than amazing, I can't even explain.

I mean, every song they played was perfect. The moment went the system went down, Oh God! That was so damn perfect, just in the exact moment for the exact song, and all the crowd singing, it felt so intimate. How many time can you get that connection with a band in a big festival? Not so many times as you want to be, right?

I found a post of a girl that was there and I love her words, I can read the passion but I disagree on this: "And it's only "pop" because not a single melody is anything but killer."  As a rock fan I can't accept this sentence.

In every moment on that hour I was feeling chills all over my body, was insane, I was feeling young again, reckless, I forgot being responsible for a second. I wish I was there so badly.

My favorite songs was: Misery Business (Of course, damn right!), The only Exception, Still into you, Let the flames being and Ain't it fun.

I'll leave the concert and a recording when the system went down, you can hear the crowd singing loudly.

Enjoy it please, as much as me.

And here it's the only exception part <3

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