Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Update Of My Life - Don't Drink and Drive

I've been away a long time and this wasn't my intention but I had to.

First of all, I'm working as a journalist again! I really missed it, I left it because I needed a new stage, a new perspective of life, I new to do something different and that's how I end up working as translator (still doing it) but weeks ago I was thinking: Oh God.. I miss writing for the people, I miss looking for news. So I decided to contact my former boss, he was super happy to see me back writing, so we got a deal that I'm going to help him on weekends because of my job. 

My notes were already published! I'm saving them like all my past notes.

So my mind is focused on all that stuff.

Changing topics, I just saw this video named "I killed a man". (remember my post "Murdered by my boyfriend" check it out again)

It's about Matthew Cordle, a 22 years old guy, one night he decided to drive drunk and the result: He killed a man. He confess in this video, it's really touching and has a very important message. Don't drink and drive, it's a killer combination, destroys lifes, just watch it, I can't explain something that speaks for itself.

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