Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#WEDNAILS : Esnails - Elegante Satisfaction

In Today's #WEDNAILS I'm going to talk about my favorite nail's place: Esnails

First of all, this place is magnificent, just because of the attention to their customers and their so amazing designs, is just... wow!

I did a little research and the fact is that I just knew about their locations on USA in Los Angeles, but actually, the main store is in Shibuya, Japan. This makes sense, because this kind of service can only be Asian.

They treat you like a princess, I've experienced that when I go for just a simple manicure, I have a terrible time there: lady attending me is mute or does a lot of mistakes, this won't happen in Esnails.

They will assure you the design as you imagine it or a creative and unique design.

Here is where are all their locations:

I'll leave here their main's store instagram, go follow!



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