Thursday, October 30, 2014

#HalloWeek : Top 10 "I Shat My Pants" movies

1.- It 

I'm surprised that after watching it as a child I still like clowns.

2.- Poltergeist

I'm still worried when TV gets no signal, I even stare at it, watching the noise, waiting...

3.- Night of the living dead

I watched this and all I can say is a "MustWatchRightNow" movie.

4.- Insidious

I got so scared with this movie, even hours after watching it I still felt my heart pumping.

5.- The Rite

So mysterious you have to watch it, perfect for Halloween night.

6.- Evil Dead (80's)

Another classical, if after watching it you didn't get delighted I will give you 1 cent!

7.- A Nightmare on Elm Street (All of them)

Personally, Freddy Kruger is the best scary character invented on earth, I had real nightmares about him.

8.- The X Files (Not a movie, still it's in my Top Ten)

I can remember watch it as a kid, it was so scare, the intro's music it's legendary, it's a great night to remember and learn about ghosts, ovni's, etc. etc.

9.- Halloween

This movie doesn't need a comment, because, duh!

10.- Friday the 13th

Becuase it's a legend, everytime the calendar says it's friday the 13th, you can't avoid of thinking about this movie, you just... have to watch it!


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