Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I've lost my memories! #BlogEverydayInSept

Wednesday, Sept. 3: What is your earliest memory?

Mom and I

I hope you are ready for this... I have NO memories of my childhood.

I know it's shocking and you won't believe it, but it is the truth, I can't remember my childhood. My mind works like this: If I try to remember something, I can't, but sometimes flashbacks come to me.

I guess this is the reason of my past post, I appreciate the memories I'm doing in my present. It's a shame I can't remember a lot of my childhood. 

My mom is always talking about me being a baby and the funny things I did hahaha, she is having a blast of fun remembering, sadly I can't join her with comments, just get embarrased hahaha.

Share with me your earliest memory in the comments! :D

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