Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's keeping me from achieving my dreams?

What's keeping me from achieving my dreams? Let me tell you, is the hoggish money! 

I hate the fact that money, something material is keeping me away from my goals, I really hate it, but it pushes me more to achieve them, I won't give up.

I can't remember the day I realized that what makes me shine is my writing and that I'm going to be a writer for the rest of my life, but I still remember the feeling, the excitement of find my mission in life.

When I was at high school, I decided to study Sciences of Communication in order to be a journalist (because journalist write.. duh) and in my second year of university I decided this: When I finish school, I will move out to Mexico City and I will work for a magazine, because I want to learn how to manage one, because hahaha my dream is to have my own magazine, be the Chief Editor, be involve in everything about it. That's my dream, that's my plan.

My reality is: It's been a year since I graduated and I still can't see clear of when I will be able to move.

I'm pretty optimistic in all but when this topic come out, I feel the day being gray. Currently I'm working as translator and I'm saving money (hoggish money!). Days ago I took the decision to move on October, I told my mom about it and she got mad, it made me sad, I didn't understand why she wasn't happy for me, days later she asked me to wait a little longer, just until her pension comes (is likely to be on September... maybe, if we are positives).

I didn't say anything, just made me sadder, I love her and I won't go because I don't wanna leave her with money troubles, I will help her, I'm afraid that something else will come up and, and, and... *explodes*.

If you reader, can go and achieve your dreams, do it, don't hesitate, you will regret it the rest of your days, is something that consumes you every minute. Fight for it, don't be afraid of taking hard decisions, always think of you (unless is your mom asking for help).

This is my story, this is my reason, I'm still fighting, I'm still saving, I won't give up, not now, not tomorrow. I will have my magazine!

If you want to read more stories, more motivation for you, visit Delightfully Tacky, she is the mind behind this idea.

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