Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Best Friend is Pregnant! - TIPS

One of my dearest friend is pregnant, her baby will be with us very soon, but the truth is: I don't like babies and I don't know how to act around her.

That's why I started to think in ways to still have her friendship without going crazy for all this "Baby this, baby that". Here we go!

This is the most important of all this post: Patience. Let me tell you, I'm not a kid's person and even I don't want to have kids (yet) so I don't know how to act or ask her, it's like I forgot how to be her friend. We need to understand that her world now is her baby, and we are going to be an accessory in her life, so my advice is: Try, try to get involve.


Go with her shopping baby clothes, baby furniture like a crib, stroller, toys, teddy bears, anything you can imagine, this will be a great time for you and her to talk and relax at the same time.

Read blogs about what to expect when you are expecting haha, buy books and magazines, you can read them together, learn at the same time, share fun facts, I bet there are baby games like simulators.


Help her to pick a name. Maybe you can help her to make a name getting together her name and her boyfriend/husband name or visit baby names blogs and find one with a beautiful meaning, talk about your names' story, will be fun and entertaining.

Help her with DIY decorations for her baby's room. Pinterest is the base of all DIY stuff, everything you can imagine is there. This is a perfect idea for spending an evening with you bff getting dirty with glue and glitter.

Go with her at breathing classes when her boyfriend/husband can't. You can gossip about her classmates or the teacher, will be funny, you can make jokes about what are you learning, this definitely will get you close each other. Besides, what if the labor day you have to be her rock, so assisting to this class will be helpful to help her how to breath, to stay focused.

When bad days arrive, take her out, go for a walk, eat an ice cream, etc. the point is get her attention in all but her temper. Remind her you will always be there for her even in her worst, even if she doesn't want you.

As you can see it's not that hard, just let it be, try it, don't be scared, she is your friend and if you love her enough you will cherish her friendship so does she. Remember, be patient, this will be a 9 months journey. Don't forget the love, stories, memories you have shared.

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