Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I don't need a "Thigh Gap"

This isn’t a new topic, but for so long, society is trying to fight against this beauty standard that has spread among the younger generations.

It makes me sad to comment you, my readers interested on get one of this, that all depends on your bone structure, how your hip and legs are, the fat has nothing to do with this when you already are in a super healthy weight.

According to “I’ll bang that” surveys: 100% of men answered that they prefer love handles than bone handles

I believe in exercise and good nutrition, I believe too in beauty and want to be thin, but everything has a limit, and if you cross it, there might not be a turning back and instead of looking beautiful, you'll look ugly.

The starve by an opening possibly by your bone structure is something that does not happen, it's stupid, what should matter is the health, feel well both physically and mentally.

You must remember this, we are all beautiful, whether we have a "thigh gap" or not.

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