Monday, April 21, 2014

Converse, don't ever leave me!

Every weekend I went out to party hard with my bff and after all this year doing the same, dancing, jumping, having fun, I realized that using heels is not necessary.

My allies every night are: My converse

Doesn’t matter the outfit I’m wearing, my converse are obligatory, because is more comfortable being stand for 5 to 6 hours in a row, dancing and jumping with converse than a 12cm heels.

I know that some girls will not agree with me and not that I don’t like using them or have them, in fact I love them! between heels and bags are my drug, but I am also aware of what is more comfortable for me in a particular situation.

If it’s for a job event, of course I will use heels because are sign of presentation, complements my formal outfit, but, it it’s a casual event, where I only have to care about if I’m having fun or not, I prefer carrying black or white converse, all the way!  

My advice is: Don’t pay attention to “what they will say?”, what matters is how you feel or going to feel and believe me, EVERYTHING looks sexy on you.

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