Friday, September 5, 2014

My beauty routine, I got so tired wirting this #BlogEverydayInSept

Friday, Sept. 5: Tell us about your daily beauty/makeup routine.

First of all, despite of what I'm going to write.. I don't use makeup everyday. I'll use it like 3 times in a week.

Let's do this!

In my bag I always have my makeup because I don't know when I will meet important people or do important things, in the following picture you can see my makeup and I will write the steps :D

After my daily shower... 

1.- I use my Maybelline BB Cream, I must say I love this, it makes my skin looks very soft, it's a miracle in my purse.
2.- (I forgot my concealer, that's why it doesn't appear in the picture, but I use it only in the bags under my eyes) I don't like to use foundation, it feels so heavier for my taste, so I jump directly to powder, I use Maybelline Pure Makeup, again, I find this powder so light in my skin. it's perfect.  
3.- This little pack of eye shadows, I bought them in a drugstore, I use the super dark brown for my eyebrows.
4.- This is my favorite step, I can go out of my house only with this, my eyeliner, again, I bought it in a drugstore, I've ordered one in Mary Kay, I have a lot of expectations on this one.
5.- Almost finishing, my eye curler, my lashes are very flat ¬¬ I mean.. why?! that's why this is my second best friend.
6.- Mascara, I'm a Maybellin's mascaras fan but I wanted to try something new, I bought LashBlast Volume by Cover Girl and I really didn't like it :/ but I don't wanna waste my money :( I always do a mess when I use it :(
7.- Last but not less important, blush! as you can see is super pink! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it, what I do is only use less than a little.

Usually this is my routine, if I'm in the mood I'll use lipstick or nothing.

I don't wanna leave my lipsticks on the side so here they are (the only I have on my purse):

I can say, this 7 are my favorite...

Some of them I can't remember where I got them or the label, I just love them.

1.- This is a lip-gloss matte, seems like a not so rude red, but when it drys looks darker and amazing.
2.- This one is almost done is from Mary Kay fuchsia, it's beautiful, next week I'll have a new one.
3.- This is from Mary Kay too, but it's a lighter pink, it's creamy.
4.- I found this in a drugstore is color BlackBerry, I'm sad because I can't find it anymore :(
5.- This is by Jafra, the color it's like red with brown, a little orange.. I'm not sure, I use it when I wake up very confident.
6.- Nude lipstick by L'bel, this is one of my favorites because if I want something natural everyday, I just use it.
7.- Ok.. This is MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!! I don't even know the label, I stole it from my mom, the color is a super pink, very flashing, it looks amazing on lips, I can't get tired of it. I love it!

Well I hope you like it :D this is my beauty routine.

Song listening while writing this post: Last Hope - Paramore

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