Monday, June 23, 2014


I'm glad to say that my friend's circle aren't against this art on skin but my mom really hate tattoos and piercings, she like to be conservative and as her little girl, she wants me to be too.

But since I was 16 years old, I want to have a tattoo!

I have none because I want that the first one to has a real good meaning (of course I have a waiting list tattoos haha) 

I'm sure my mom will be shocked when she see it haha but I really want it.

Years ago the tattoos topic was surrounded by stereotypes like: Only trash people have tattoos.

This is what I think: It's another kind of beauty.
I want to be more beautiful drawing on my skin permanently.

I'm a good girl, responsible, I love my job, I have lovely friend and a great family, I'm not trash, I'm not irresponsible, I respect people.

I just want so many tattoos with the right meaning for me, not for you. 

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