Tuesday, June 3, 2014

LinksDay #1

1.- How to use a Bobby Pin - I found this really helpful, I bet at least one of you use it in the wrong way-
2.- 5 Tips for an Everlasting Eye Shadow - This is an essential step on makeup rutine, I hope you like it as well.
3.- Meow..! - Who doesn't love cats?!
4.- WorkWear - Speacially for working girls. We can do it!
5.- Petals on the Wind - I discovered this book days ago and I really recommend it!

 photo firma.png


  1. I like the second meow ring in the right picture! Maybe I can get it and buy a loose diamond at Diamond Registry and put it in the ears!

    1. That's an excellent idea! If you do it, please show me a picture!


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